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Yitzhak D Stern

Yitzhak D Stern

Yitzhak D. Stern is an experienced entrepreneur who to date has launched multiple successful startups. Throughout his professional life, he has supported, and funded numerous entrepreneurs, helping many achieve their business goals. Mr. Stern’s commitment to serve those around him with integrity has ensured the special reputation he carries with him wherever he goes.

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in business management, Mr. Stern enthusiastically entered the financial sector, first as a trader of equities and forex, and. Eventually moving to enterprise building, and beginning his entrepreneurial journey.

To this day, Yitzhak continues to develop innovative funding solutions, and the roster of young and successful entrepreneurs he helps is proof of his continued good works. He is eager to continue in this way, and hopes his crew of ambitious young men and women rise to the occasion and meet modern day business challenges.

With all that said, Yitzhak believes education is crucial to progress above all. This is the catalyst behind his newly funded scholarship program, which aims to reduce tuition burdens for students attending Universities across the United States.

Mr. Stern is a devoted family man who loves spending time with his wife and children, doling out advice on relationships, entrepreneurship, and cutting-edge technologies on his regular blog.