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Yitzhak D Stern – Costs of a Running a Startup

Yitzhak D Stern - Costs of a Running a Startup

You’ve probably heard that starting a business is expensive. But what you may not realize is that there are some hidden costs of starting a business that can really add up. Here are some of the most common costs of running a startup, according to Yitzhak D Stern.

Common Costs of Running a Startup as per Yitzhak D Stern

Office Space

According to Yitzhak D Stern, if you’re planning on renting office space, be prepared to shell out a good chunk of change. Even if you find a relatively cheap office space, you’ll still need to furnish it and pay for utilities.

Moreover, the more employees you hire, the more equipment you will need, such as computers, desks, and chairs, which can quickly add up.

Website Design and Maintenance

Yitzhak D Stern believes that in today’s day and age, having a website is essential for businesses of all sizes. Not only do you need to design and launch your website, but you also need to pay for hosting fees and regular maintenance.

If you don’t have the time or skill set to design and maintain your own website, you’ll need to hire someone to do it for you, which can be costly.

Marketing and Advertising

Another cost of starting a business is marketing and advertising. Even if you have a great product or service, you won’t get very far if no one knows about it. To spread the word about your business, you’ll need to invest in marketing and advertising, which can be pricey.

Sometimes, you may be able to get free or low-cost marketing and advertising by bartering with other businesses. For example, you could trade your goods or services for advertising space on someone else’s website or blog.

Professional Services

There are a lot of professional services that businesses need in order to function properly. For example, you may need to hire an accountant or attorney to help you with the legal aspects of starting a business. These services can be costly, but they’re often necessary.

Employee Salaries

Unless you plan on doing all the work yourself, you’ll need to pay employees. And depending on the size and scope of your business, you may need to hire quite a few employees.

Most startups don’t have the luxury of a large budget, so you’ll need to be strategic about where you allocate your funds.


If you’re running a business, you’ll need to get insurance to protect yourself and your employees. This can be quite costly, especially if you’re in a high-risk industry.

Insurance is often one of the most overlooked costs of starting a business. Nevertheless, it is highly important, so be sure to factor it into your budget.

Permits and Licenses

Depending on the type of business you’re running, you may need to get permits and licenses from the government. This can be a costly and time-consuming process, but it’s often necessary in order to legally operate your business.


Starting a business is no small feat, and there are definitely some hidden costs that you need to be aware of, as highlighted above by Yitzhak D Stern. But if you’re prepared for them, they shouldn’t put too much of a damper on your startup dreams.